North Carolina Authorities Pull Unsafe Truck Drivers Off Roads in Charlotte

July 26, 2007, by Michael A. DeMayo

As part of “Operation Road Watch,” North Carolina troopers spent two days monitoring roads in the Charlotte area to see whether any commercial truck drivers were in violation of the state’s safety regulations.

Highway Patrol officers cited large truck drivers for over 500 violations—some violations were minor, but other violations could have proven seriously dangerous to other North Carolina drivers if an accident had occurred.

Close to three-dozen trucks and over two-dozen truck drivers were pulled off the road for these serious violations. Almost 300 commercial vehicles were inspected and fines worth thousands of dollars were issued because a number of the trucks were overweight.

Here are the results from Operation Road Watch:

• 290 Commercial Motor Vehicles Inspected by Troopers
• 151 Driver violations (26 removed from service)
• 235 Truck violations (35 trucks removed from service) 
• $7,851 out of service fines 
• 211 trucks weighed
• 139,950 over-weight pounds
• $8,072.80 over-weight fines

State police also looked at other drivers to see whether or not they were driving safely, especially when there were large trucks on the road.

Operation Road Watch is the first program to concentrate its attention on commercial motor vehicles. The program comes following a series of motor vehicle accidents involving large trucks. Unmarked motor vehicles and helicopters are also being used in the crackdown. The watch, which has begun in Mecklenburg County, will sweep through other counties later this year.

Every year, North Carolina police officers and state troopers examine over 16,000 collisions involving motor carrier vehicles. In 2006, 5,845 people were injured and 151 others were killed in accidents involving commercial motor vehicles.

The drivers of commercial vehicles are mandated by law to not only follow the rules of the road that car drivers and motorcycle drivers must follow, but they must also abide by the safety standards that have been set in place by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the state.

In the event that a person is injured by a negligent truck driver, he or she should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney that understands the nature of truck injury accidents and the different regulations involved. Personal injury claims involving trucks are much more complicated to resolve than personal injury cases involving just cars or motorcycles. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you file a successful claim regarding your truck accident.

Authorities pull unsafe truckers, rigs off the road,, July 23, 2007

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