North Carolina Motorcycle Accidents and Deaths on the Rise

July 2, 2007, by Michael A. DeMayo

The North Carolina State Highway Patrol says that the number of motorcycle fatalities is growing. This year, the Highway Patrol has so far reported 47 motorcycle deaths, compared to 93 fatalities for all of 2006.

This rise in motorcycle collisions is reflected nationally. In 2003, 3,661 riders were killed while riding motorcycles in the U.S., while more than 67,000 sustained injuries. Police reported more than 79,000 traffic collisions involving motorcycles.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol cites better gas mileage as one of the reasons that motorcycles are growing in popularity. The increase in the use of motorcycles is one of the reasons that more accidents, injuries, and deaths are occurring.

Despite the laws and safety measures that exist to keep motorcyclists safe on our roads, riding a motorcycle can be a very dangerous experience. Motorcycle riders do not have anything to protect them from becoming seriously injured when they are involved in a traffic collision with a truck, car, or another motorcycle.

North Carolina is one of the U.S. states with a mandatory helmet law. Also under state law, motorcycle drivers are required to have a passenger seat and footrest on their motorcycle if they are carrying a passenger with them.

Injuries from a motorcycle accident can include broken bones, severed limbs, severe burns, cuts, scrapes, bruises, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, road burns, disfigurement, and wrongful death.

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