AAA Carolinas Releases Its List of Most Dangerous Places to Drive in North Carolina

February 28, 2008, by Michael A. DeMayo

A report released by AAA Carolina ranks the most dangerous places to drive in North Carolina. Haywood County was named the place where there is the “Best chance of being in a collision” under the category “Top 5 Dangerous Counties for Tractor-Trailers.”

Haywood’s Interstate 40, which is winding and narrowly built, is one of the reasons for the high motor vehicle crash rate. The I-40 once was once known for having the highest rate of tractor-trailer crashes in the United States.

The large amount of traffic—in particular, tractor-trailers—that pass through the area is another reason that so many accidents occur. The cold weather can cause the roads and tunnels to become icy.

Swain County and Graham County ranked at the top of the “5 Dangerous Counties for Motorcycles” under the categories “Best Chance for Being Injured” and Best Chance of Being in a Collision.”

Graham County was also named the leading North Carolina County where one has the “Best Chance of Being Killed.” A major reason for this high ranking is the 318 curves on its 11-mile stretch of U.S. 129. The fact that the number of people buying and riding motorcycles is increasing is also playing a role.

Also ranking on the AAA Carolinas list is Gaston County, which ranked number 27 out of the 30 most dangerous counties in North Carolinas for auto crashes. On a positive note, it ranked 91 out of 100 counties where deadly accidents will most likely take place.

Mecklenburg County ranked number six under the most dangerous counties list. Also listed among the counties where motor vehicle collisions were most likely to occur were Lincoln County at number 25 and Cleveland County at number 33.

The number one county where auto wrecks were most likely to happen, for the fifth year in a row, is New Hanover County.

The North Carolina county where you are least likely to get into a motor vehicle wreck is Currituck County. Chowan County is the area where you are least likely to die in a car crash.

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