Return of North Carolina Motorcyclists In Spring Followed By Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May 5, 2008, by Michael A. DeMayo

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has dubbed the month of May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month to promote motorcycle safety and road sharing between motorcyclists and other drivers.

The national safety campaign comes less than a week after the end of North Carolina’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Week, which took place from April 21 to April 25.

The statewide and national safety awareness campaigns couldn’t come at a better time. The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles says that motorcycle deaths have risen—183 rider deaths last year compared to 61 motorcyclist fatalities in 1997.

Motorcycles account for only 1.96% of all registered motor vehicles in North Carolina, but make up nearly 12% of all traffic deaths. There are 500,000 licensed drivers in North Carolina with either a motorcycle learner’s permit or endorsement.

Promoting motorcycle safety is essential—especially as motorcycle accidents often lead to serious injuries and fatalities. Just lat month, a Guilford County school bus driver was charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle. She accidentally struck a motorcyclist when she failed to stop before driving through an intersection.

In North Carolina and South Carolina, our motorcycle accident law firm has helped many motorcycle victims and their families recover personal injury compensation.

Many motorcycle accidents occur because motorists fail to see the motorcycles on the roads with them. Driver inattention, inexperience, and drunk driving are also common causes of motorcycle crashes.

As your personal injury representation, our North Carolina motorcycle accident law firm can deal with all aspects of your personal injury case for you.

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