North Carolina Family Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit with Harley-Davidson Motor Co.

June 6, 2008, by Michael A. DeMayo

In North Carolina, the family of Charles Radford Paul III, a 30-year-old Raleigh cop who died in a 2002 motorcycle crash, has settled its wrongful death lawsuit with Harley-Davidson Motor Co. and Raleigh store Ray Price Harley Davidson.

Paul died while chasing a speeding car. A draft from a tractor-trailer he was trying to overtake appeared to have made the motorcycle wobble, causing Radford to drive onto the freeway shoulder where he was thrown from his 2002 Electra Glide motorcycle.

The wrongful death lawsuit, however, says that he lost control of his motorcycle because of a high-speed wobble—a problem that has been encountered by other Harley-Davidson riders and mechanics. While some people believe the wobble is caused by a design defect in certain Harley motorcycles, others cite improper maintenance.

The confidential products liability settlement was made in December, but the lawsuit was not dismissed until last month. Paul’s family also received a workers’ compensation settlement from the city of Raleigh.

Defective motorcycles and motorcycle parts are a frequent cause of motorcycle-related injuries or deaths. Products liability lawsuits involving motorcycle accidents may cite a number of defect issues, such as:

• Defective tires
• Helmet defects
• Brake problems
• Defective pedals
• Stuck throttles
• Problems with the shock absorber
• Chain defect

Compared to other motorists, motorcycle riders are already at higher risk of injury or death when involved in traffic accidents. There is no reason that riders should be placed in greater jeopardy because a motorcycle or one of its parts was defective.

In North Carolina and South Carolina, our products liability law firm can help you pursue your personal injury or wrongful death claim against the negligent party.

Officer’s family settles motorcycle suit, News and Observer, June 3, 2008

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