Chapel Hill Teenager Dies After Being Struck by Car in Raleigh

July 15, 2008, by Michael A. DeMayo

In Raleigh, North Carolina, 17-year-old Lillian Broox Manis of Chapel Hill died on Saturday after the car she was riding in was broadsided by a Ford motor vehicle. Durham resident Philip Iavorov Jurov, the driver of the Honda that Manis was riding in, also suffered serious injuries from the North Carolina crash.

The driver of the Ford, 19-year-old Raleigh resident Justin Caleb Crouse, appeared in Wake County District Court today to face several criminal charges related to the deadly motor vehicle accident. Crouse was charged with felony death by vehicle, a red-light violation, and provisional DWI.

According to North Carolina police, Crouse lost control of his vehicle before running off the right side of the road. The tires on the right side of the Ford deflated and his car entered the intersection, ramming into the passenger side of the Honda that carried Manis and Jurov at about 50 mph.

After the two cars traveled another 120 feet across Glenwood Avenue, the Honda rolled over. Manis was transported to WakeMed hospital where she died from her injuries.

One woman called Wake County 911 at about 3:30am and reported that a very “intoxicated” man was getting ready to leave the neighborhood.

In North Carolina, there were 490 alcohol-related deaths in 2006. Some Teen Drunk Driving Facts from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

• 28% of 15-20 year olds that died in auto crashes in 2005 had consumed alcohol.
• 64% of young drivers that were involved in alcohol-related deadly crashes were not using seatbelts.
• Over the past 30 days, 28.5% of US high school students have traveled at least once in a motor vehicle where the driver had consumed alcohol.

Drunk driving is a reckless and negligent act that can lead to serious injury accidents on the road. Our North Carolina car accident lawyers can help you determine whether you have grounds for a personal injury or wrongful death case.

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