Two People Injured as Train Strikes Tanker Truck in Charlotte, North Carolina

July 16, 2008, by Michael A. DeMayo

A truck driver and a train worker sustained injuries last Friday morning when a 70-car freight train struck a tanker truck loaded with 6,100 gallons of oil near the Mecklenburg-Cabarrus county line in Charlotte. The North Carolina train-truck accident happened after the truck got stuck at a railroad crossing.

The train engineer sounded the horn and activated the emergency brakes but could not stop soon enough to prevent the accident. The collision caused a fire that affected one of the train’s cars.

Federal Railroad Administration records indicate that this is not the first time that a train-motor vehicle accident like this has happened at this particular crossing, located on Cabarrus Farm Road close to Universal City Boulevard. In 2004, real estate appraiser David Pearsall says that a freight train struck his pickup truck as he drove across the tracks. He says that he could not see the approaching train because tall weeds blocked his view of the track. Although there are several signs marking the tracks, there are no bells, lights, or automated crossing arms to indicate that a train is approaching. The crossing is on private property.

According to federal statistics, there were 68 train crashes at railroad crossings in North Carolina in 2007. 20 people were injured and five people died in these accidents.

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Common Causes of Train Crashes at Railroad Crossings:

• Operator negligence
• Driver inattention
• Motor vehicle/train defects
• Poor warning or crossing signs

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