Charlotte Adult Care Center Will Close Today Following Reports of Drug Use and Violence

October 3, 2008, by Michael A. DeMayo

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is forcing Charlotte Manor, an adult care center, to shut down today, following reports of violence, drug abuse, and neglect. State health officials have suspended the home’s operating license, and today residents must evacuate the premise by 5pm. North Carolina health officials have said the move is to protect the home’s residents, who are in “imminent danger.”

State health officials conducted its yearly inspection of the home last month, and Charlotte Manor was cited for violations regarding:

• Personal care
• Health care
• Supervision
• Residents’ rights
• Housekeeping
• Furnishings
• CPR Training
• Resident discharge

Charlotte Manor not only houses frail and older residents, but people under 50 can also reside there. Some of its residents have criminal records or have abused drugs. According to one resident, some residents were discovered smoking crack at the home. Another resident reports that violent acts have taken place at the home, including two men getting into a physical altercation and another incident, in which the tires on a motor vehicle were deflated.

Details of this year’s inspection have yet to be released, but previous inspection reports of the home over the last two years indicate recurring problems with properly feeding and providing medication to residents with health issues. Maintenance issues are not always dealt with in a timely manner. Also, over a dozen people have to share a couple of common bathroom facilities, rather than having one bathroom for two to four residents.

Nursing homes and other care facilities are supposed to provide residents with the proper care, while making sure that they are safe from abuse, neglect, or harm by workers and other residents. When failure to fulfill these duties of care leads to injuries or death, a care facility can be held liable through a nursing home abuse and/or neglect claim or a premises liability lawsuit.

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