City of Charlotte Settles North Carolina Personal Injury Lawsuits Alleging Police Sexual Harassment by former CMPD Cop

January 12, 2009, by Michael A. DeMayo

The City of Charlotte has settled the North Carolina injury lawsuits filed by the two alleged victims of former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer Marcus Jackson for $225,000. The plaintiffs, a male and a female, are a couple. They contend that Jackson sexually assaulted her and harassed him after he pulled them over on December 28, 2009.

According to the plaintiffs, Jackson made the couple follow him to the Eastway Baptist Church parking lot where he fondled the woman while pretending to search her. He then told her boyfriend to pull down her bra and touch her while he observed them. By agreeing to settle, the city of Charlotte, North Carolina says that it is not admitting liability in the alleged incident.

At least 6 woman have said that Jackson sexually assaulted them after he pulled them over during traffic stops. He has been indicted in several cases and the CMPD has fired him. Jackson is behind bars while waiting for his trial.

Police are never allowed to abuse their power whether by excessive use of force when upholding the law or to commit any other crime. Police brutality is a violation of the victim’s civil rights.

If you have been the victim of a sexual assault crime you may have grounds for a North Carolina personal injury lawsuit. Your civil case would be separate from any criminal charges filed against your assailant.

Sexual abuse by a police officer is police brutality, as is rape, molestation, improper touching, and sexual harassment by a cop under the guise of doing his/her job. Physical assault, verbal abuse, torture, intimidation, or other abusive acts by a police officer are also examples of police brutality.

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