North Carolina Motorcyclist is Seriously Injured After Car Driver Fails to Yield the Right of Way on UNC-Charlotte Campus

February 25, 2009, by Michael A. DeMayo

In Charlotte, North Carolina, a motorcycle rider sustained serious injuries when his vehicle collided with a car on the UNC-Charlotte campus. According to campus officials, the car hit the motorcycle after failing to yield.

The Charlotte motorcyclist, who is a UNCC student, had to be pulled from under the vehicle. He sustained serious injuries and was taken to Carolinas Medical Center.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a motorcycle rider is the person operating the motorcycle, while a motorcycle passenger is the person who is on the motorcycle but is not driving it. Motorcyclists can refer to both groups.

2007 NHTSA Motorcyclist Accident Facts:
• 5,154 motorcyclists died in traffic accidents.
• 2,641 of all motorcycles involved in deadly accidents were in traffic crashes with another vehicle.
• 78% of these two-vehicle crashes involved a motorcycle getting hit from the front.
• 5% of these collisions involved a motorcycle getting hit from the back.
• 36% of motorcycle riders involved in deadly accidents had been driving over the speed limit when the collision happened.
• 26% of motorcycle riders involved in fatal accidents did not have a valid license.
• 3.7% of motorcycle riders involved in deadly accidents had at least one previous DUI conviction.
• 103,000 US motorcyclists were injured.
• There were 195 North Carolina motorcycle fatalities.
• There were 119 South Carolina motorcycle deaths.

Motorcyclists are at greater risk of getting involved in a deadly auto accident with a nonmoving object than other motor vehicles. In North Carolina and South Carolina, motorcyclists are entitled to personal injury compensation if the negligence of a driver or another party caused their injuries.

Motorcyclist injured in crash on UNCC campus

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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