Did Gastonia Police Officer Commit North Carolina Police Brutality When He Fatally Shot Man Holding Knife?

September 22, 2009, by Michael A. DeMayo

The Gaston Gazette is reporting that Debbie Keeter is still waiting to see whether criminal charges will be filed against the Gastonia police detective who fatally shot her son in the head. Keeter says that less fatal measures could have been taken to apprehend her son, who was confused and in the middle of a stabbing brawl with men who allegedly threatened to kill him at the time.

Terry Adam Boone died on May 1, 2008 when Gastonia Police Detective Scott Barnes shot him in the head. Boone was holding a knife in his hand and police say that the 20-year-old appeared to lunge at Barnes, who then shot him in the back of the head to prevent the attack.

Barnes was called to the scene of a stabbing. Audrey Lingerfelt, Boone’s girlfriend, told The Gazette that men who were involved in a disagreement with Boone had arrived at her residence and were threatening to beat and murder him.

When Boone arrived at his vehicle, one of the men stabbed him. He stabbed the man back before going into Lingerfelt’s home.

When police arrived at the residence, Boone left Lingerfelt’s home through the back door. She says she later heard the gunshot. A neighbor says that Boone was defending himself when police showed up in unmarked vehicles.

Keeter claims that Boone was injured and his eyes and face were covered in blood. She doesn’t believe that he posed a threat to Barnes. At the time of Boone’s death, his blood-alcohol level was almost twice the legal driving limit at 0.14.

Excessive Use of Force as North Police Brutality
North Carolina police officers are never allowed to use excessive violence when dealing with anyone at any time and the victim or his/her family can file a North Carolina police brutality lawsuit if a cop violates their civil rights and/or causes serious injury or death without provocation or justification. Unjustified shootings, verbal abuse, injuring someone with a Taser when the suspect could have been apprehended in a less painful manner, false arrest, beatings, sexual assault, and intimidation are forms of police brutality and can be grounds for a North Carolina injury lawsuit.

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