Products Liability: Two Families Sue for Wrongful Deaths of Loved Ones Fatally Burned While Wearing Flammable Bathrobes

November 6, 2009, by Michael A. DeMayo

Last month, two wrongful death lawsuits were filed by plaintiffs whose loved ones died tragically when the chenille bathrobes they were wearing caught fire. Bathrobe manufacturer Blair Corp. is the defendant named in both complaints.

Atwilda Brown, was making tea when the catastrophic accident happened. She called 911 for help but died from her injuries. The cause of death on her death certificate is “from clothing catching on fire,” says her daughter Sharon Davis. Brown’s family is suing the clothing manufacturer for $30 million.

In another tragic burn accident, 81-year-old Evelyn Roguff and her 83-year-old husband Murray died when the sleeve of the robe she was wearing caught fire on the electric burner of her stove. Murray was burned while trying to save her. The couple would have been married 50 years by now. Their family is suing Blair Corp. for $1.9 million.

At least nine deaths have been linked to the flammable bathrobes. Most of the victims were older people. Five of the people that died were women. In the last seven months, 300,000 of the Blair Corp. robes have been recalled over safety concerns.

Clothing must meet specific safety standards. Defects can lead to tragic accidents, including choking accidents, strangulation accidents, and burn accidents.

All clothing sold in the US must meet the requirements of the Flammable Fabrics Act. Highly flammable clothing can prove tragic for the person wearing the dangerous fabric. Highly flammable clothing that causes North Carolina injury or death is a products liability.

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