Couple Suing City of Charlotte Claims Officer Marcus Jackson Sexually Violated Them During Traffic Stop

January 23, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

A couple who says that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Marcus Jackson sexually violated them have filed North Carolina police brutality lawsuits against the city of Charlotte. Jackson, who was arrested on December 30, has been accused of committing sexual acts against several people that he apprehended during traffic stops.

The couple filed their Charlotte police brutality lawsuits in Mecklenburg Superior Court. They say that the city of Charlotte and Jackson violated their constitutional rights.

According to their North Carolina injury complaints, the 26-year-old police officer pulled them over after midnight on December 28 (Radio transmission from that night document Jackson telling dispatchers that he didn’t need police backup). He made them drive to a church parking lot, where he allegedly fondled the woman while pretending to search her. When the couple protested, Jackson threatened to arrest the boyfriend. He then ordered the man to pull down the woman’s bra and fondle her.

The woman says that after what Jackson did she can’t live by herself anymore and she has moved out of Charlotte. She started seeing a therapist and continues to have nightmares. She is scared of getting into a car again for fear that another cop will sexually assault her. She says she is scared of what might happen when Jackson gets out of jail.

These are the first Charlotte police brutality complaints against the city over Jackson’s alleged actions. They likely won’t be the last. One alleged victim, a teenager, says that after pulling her over, Jackson made her get into his car and took her to a location where he sexually violated her. Other victims have made similar allegations.

Cops who sexually violate or physically assault someone under the guise of doing their job are committing a crime and abusing their power as police officers. Do NOT be afraid to report the incident and contact a Charlotte, North Carolina personal injury lawyer to explore your legal options.

Couple sues city, former officer, Charlotte, January 23, 2010

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