North Carolina Police Brutality Lawsuit Filed Against Alamance County Sheriff and Two Deputies

January 9, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

A Burlington man claims that he was the victim of North Carolina police brutality in Alamance County. Bobby J. Stanley is suing Sheriff Terry Johnson and two deputies for personal injury. Stanley contends that he is a victim of assault and battery, false arrest, and illegal search and seizure.

According to his North Carolina personal injury complaint, the plaintiff claims that while two cops apprehended him on DWI charges last year, they broke his arm. He is seeking at least $10,000 in damages for permanent partial disability, partial loss of the use of his arm, medical bills, depression, and anxiety. Stanley says that he wasn’t drunk and he was swerving to avoid driving into potholes.

He gave Lt. D. L. Crowder permission to search him but he says he never gave the deputy permission to search the van. Crowder and Cpl. Jackie Fortner then allegedly grabbed him with “such force and violence” that his arm broke.

Stanley says that the officers disregarded his need for medical attention and continued searching the car. They charged Stanley with failing to stop at a stop sign and gave him an unsafe movement violation. The stop sign-related charge was later dismissed. Stanley filed his Alamance County police brutality complaint in February.

Meantime, the Sheriff’s Department is denying the accusations. A police document claims that Stanley refused to be treated by an EMS who examined him at the scene. The police officers that arrested him contend that Stanley told them he taking a lot of drugs because he has cancer. They claim that they grabbed Stanley because he became agitated. They acknowledge that he did not consent to the vehicle search.

North Carolina Police Brutality Lawsuit
Police officers are not use excessive force against suspects, prisoners, defendants, or anyone else when doing their jobs. Even if no criminal charges are filed against the cops, you may still be able to hold them liable in civil court for North Carolina injury caused by physical assault, sexual assault, verbal battery, emotional abuse, and other acts of violence.

Documents show different side in sheriff’s department lawsuit,, March 2, 2010

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