Raleigh Personal Injury Lawsuit Filed by Man with Cerebral Palsy Alleges North Carolina Police Brutality

February 27, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

Charles Payne is suing the city of Raleigh and its Police Department for North Carolina police brutality. The 34-year-old plaintiff, who has cerebral palsy, says an off-duty and a bouncer assaulted and kicked him outside the Pourch/The Bassment on August 8, 2008.

Payne claims that they thought he was inebriated and tried to arrest him for resisting arrest and second-degree trespassing. The police officer tried to handcuff Payne but failed to do so because the plaintiff has limited mobility.

Payne contends that two on-duty cops joined in the assault and that one of them referred to him as a “drunk autistic kid.” Blood alcohol tests would go on to confirm that Payne did not have alcohol in his system.

Payne was arrested, but the charges against him were eventually dismissed.

Payne is claiming serious emotional and physical consequences as a result of the alleged assault. He has also named the Raleigh bar as a North Carolina injury defendant.

North Carolina Police Brutality
Excessive use of force by a police officer acting under the guise of upholding the law is wrong, a crime, and can be grounds for a North Carolina police brutality lawsuit. Police violence violates the victim’s rights and can cause serious injury.

Unfortunately, there are cops in North Carolina who use their job to inflict harm upon others. Verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual assault, physical assault, fatal shootings, intimidation, and blackmail are examples of police brutality. Often, the victims are too scared to report the incident. Even if the offending police officer isn’t charged with a crime in criminal court, you may be owed Raleigh injury compensation.

Three Raleigh police officers named in lawsuit, WRAL, February 24, 2010

Read Payne’s North Carolina Injury Complaint (PDF)

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