Robeson County Nursing Home Negligence?: North Carolina Regulators Shuts Down Facility Following Series of Bad Performance Evaluations

July 23, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

The Robeson County Department of Social Services has found new assisted living facilities for the 43 people who had been living at St. Mary’s Assisted Living. The North Carolina nursing home was shut down by the state last week after it received a series of poor performance reviews.

Violations against the Robeson County, North Carolina assisted living facility included problems involving nursing home’s staffing levels and qualifications, evacuation plan, fire alarms, health care practices, and personal care practices. The shutting down of the facility comes just days after a July 11 electrical fire that was cause by wiring issues. Fortunately, no one was hurt during the blaze and the damage was contained to one room.

Running an assisted living facility is hard work and requires more than merely providing housing, food, and nursing care for residents. There must be adequate staffing consisting of qualified, skilled, and properly trained nursing home workers. Safety plans must be put in place and safety regulations met to eliminate health hazards and protect the workers from unsanitary conditions. There must be procedures and practices implemented to make sure that the patients are getting the nursing care, medical care, and personal care that they need. Each patient should have a customized care and feeding plan. Security must also be at such a level that robberies, violent crimes, sexual assault, financial elder abuse, and North Carolina nursing home abuse and neglect don’t happen.

It is the nursing home residents and their families that suffer when North Carolina nursing home negligence occurs.

State shuts down Robeson County nursing home, FayObserver, July 21, 2010

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