North Carolina Dog Attack Injures Jogger

August 30, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

A Mocksville men was injured on Sunday evening in a North Carolina dog attack when he was bitten three boxers. David Potts was jogging when the animals surrounded him. They didn’t stop biting him until their owner, Ralph Kinary, called them off.

Potts had to undergo surgery to repair his arm tendon. He also needed 30 stitches for his arms and legs.

The dogs were in the owner’s backyard and weren’t leashed because the owner’s wife was outside at the time. Kinary told WXII that the dogs had never been vicious until now and he doesn’t know why they chose to attack Potts.

North Carolina Dog Bites
Under state law, dog owners are not allowed to let dogs older than six months run at large at night unless they are accompanied by the owner, the owner’s relative, or someone else in charge of supervising the animals. Our Charlotte, North Carolina dog bite lawyers want to remind you of the importance of exploring your legal options soon after the incident.

Because the state has laws regarding contributory negligence, you will need experienced North Carolina injury representation to prove that you didn’t contribute to causing your dog bite injuries. This is not the kind of North Carolina personal injury case that you want to handle on your own.

Recent Dog Bite Facts from the Insurance Information Institute:
• $412 million was spent on dog-bite insurance claims in 2009—up from the $387.2 million in homeowners’ insurance liability that was paid the year before.
• On average, a dog bite claim costs $24,840.
• The increase in dog-bite related costs can be credited to to dog bite injury verdicts and judgment and injury-related medical costs that have gone above the inflation rate.

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