Child Injuries and Deaths Lead to Drop-Side Crib and Stroller Recalls and CPSC Warnings About Infant Sleep Positioners and Baby Monitor Cords

October 31, 2010, by Michael A. DeMayo

Our Charlotte, North Carolina personal injury lawyers know how important it is for parents and caregivers to feel that they are doing everything possible to keep their kids’ safe. This includes buying furniture, appliances, accessories, other products that do not pose a danger to their child. Unfortunately, there are products that continue to make it into the marketplace that can cause injuries and deaths. In the event that this happens, you may have grounds for a NC products liability case.

Recently, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the recall of 40,650 drop-side cribs—taking the total of drop-side cribs recalled in the past several years to some 9 million. Drop-side cribs and 3-in-1 convertible cribs affected by these latest recalls were made by Ethan Allen, Victory Land Heritage Collection, and Angel Line.

Drop-side cribs are linked to at least 32, possibly 46, toddler and infant deaths over the last decade. Safety advocates are hoping that a vote to ban drop-side cribs will soon pass.

Also recently, Graco banned about 2 million Graco Quattro Tour™ and MetroLite™ strollers following four babies died in strangulation accidents. deaths. Infants that are in the strollers but aren’t strapped in risk similar injury should they end up stuck between the stroller tray and the seat.

Meantime, six child deaths by strangulation has prompted the CPSC to issue a safety warning about baby monitor cords. The agency says that placing baby audio and video camera monitors with cords (or any type of cord, for that matter) within reach of a child can prove fatal.

In September, the CPSC and the US Food and Drug Administration issued another warning to parents and caretakers—this one involving infant sleep positioners. The agencies are reporting 12 reports of infant suffocation deaths in the last 13 years. An infant in a sleep positioner can suffocate if he/she rolls to a stomach position or gets entrapped between the positioner and the side of the crib.

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