North Carolina Injury Lawsuit Seeks Damages from Pittsboro Retirement Center for Assault that Left Elderly Resident with Brain Injuries

January 5, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

Becky Fisher, 80, is suing the Galloway Ridge retirement community for North Carolina personal injury. Fisher sustained a brain injury in 2007 when housekeeper Barbara Clark assaulted her.

Clark is serving a two life prison terms for the first-degree murders of Margaret Murta, 92, and Mary Corcoran, 82, who were fatally injured during the assault, which involved pepper spray and a walking stick. The 42-year-old housekeeper reportedly became angry over a monetary dispute that she was having with Murta and Corcoran.

Now, she is accusing Gallow Ridge of negligence because the owners let Clark work at the retirement community even though there was a court order barring her from working with elderly persons. Murta and Corcoran, who were roommates, had hired Fisher to help them with housekeeping duties at their apartment. Now, Fisher is wondering why no background check was conducted on Clark even though she had regular access to the building. The Charlotte lawyer for the Pittsboro retirement home has said that Corcoran and Murta failed to notify staff members that they had hired Fisher.

If you or someone you love sustained serious injuries because of a violent crime committed on someone else’s property, you may have grounds for a North Carolina premises liability lawsuit against the premise owner if negligence contributed to allowing the incident to happen. Inadequate security, poor lighting, failure to install locks or an alarm system or surveillance camera, and failure to conduct background checks on employees or contractors are some reasons why property owners can become defendants of injury lawsuits.

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