Woman Suing Omni Hotel for Charlotte, North Carolina Personal Injury Lawsuit Claims Bartender Raped Her

January 15, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

A woman who claims that a bartender at Charlotte’s Omni Hotel gave her a drink that made her dizzy and then raped her is suing the hotel chain and several other defendants for North Carolina personal injury. She claims she was sexually assaulted in September 2007 when she was the guest of someone staying at the hotel.

According to her Charlotte, North Carolina personal injury complaint, she became sick and helpless after a bartender, referred to in the lawsuit as “Santiago,” offered to buy her a drink. He then allegedly forced his way into her hotel room and raped her.

The plaintiff claims that the hotel knew or should have known that Santiago had committed similar acts in the past. She says the Omni should have done more to protect guests from him. She also is accusing the hotel of providing inadequate security, including a lack of surveillance cameras in hotel hallways. Meantime, Omni Hotel’s general manager is saying that the woman’s claims are false and that the police have not filed any charges over the alleged incident.

Hotel Lawsuits
Hotels are responsible for making sure that patrons, guests, and visitors do not become the victim of any type of crime on the property—especially on a premise that virtually anyone can enter. Unfortunately, robberies, sexual assault crimes, and murders have occurred in hotels before and victims and their families may very well have reason to sue for Charlotte, North Carolina premises liability.

Safety measures hotels can take to prevent crimes:
• Video surveillance
• Security guards
• Working locks on emergency exits, windows, and balconies.
• Safes in rooms
• Careful screening of hotel personnel
• Better security measures for ensuring that not just anyone can enter a hotel room floors
• Adequate lighting
• Stepping up security when crimes have been committed in the hotel or the surrounding area

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