North Carolina Personal Injury Filed Over 2008 Assault at Convenience Store Alleges Inadequate Security

February 28, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

A woman who was assaulted at a convenience story in 2008 is suing Great Stops LLC, its parent owner Premier Stores, and three individual owners for North Carolina personal injury. She is seeking compensation for the physical and emotional injuries that she suffered. She also wants financial recovery for her medical bills, loss of income, and psychological injuries related to the assault.

The attack occurred on January 16, 2008 when Kathleen Fisher-Graham stopped to get gas at the North Street Great Stops in Burlington. As she walked inside the store, a man carrying a metal object assaulted her.

The force of the assault fractured Fisher-Graham’s eye socket, shattered her teeth, and broke her nose. In addition to undergoing surgeries, she also spent more than a year eating liquefied food while all of her teeth were eventually removed.

In her North Carolina premises liability complaint, Fisher-Graham contends that Great Stops knew that the property where the assault happened was located in a high-crime area but failed to properly protect customers. She claims that although cameras had been installed, the safety devices were there to protect the owners’ money and not the customers.

Fisher-Graham’s spouse is also a plaintiff. He is seeking damages for the loss of her companionship and affection, as well as for the loss of their physically intimate and loving relationship.

Inadequate Security
Poor security on a premise can make it easier for criminals to do their job. If a crime occurred because the property owner did not do enough to make sure the premise was secure and someone was injured or killed as a result, the victim may have grounds for a North Carolina premises liability case.

For example, if there is a history of crimes in or around the area, property owners must be mindful of this and step up security efforts and/or warn about this possible danger. Fisher-Graham says that her attack was not the first of its kind—in 2007, another person, Christopher Wilson was assaulted by a man with a metal pipe. She is arguing that following that incident, the defendants should have taken steps to prevent her attack from happening.

Woman injured in unsolved assault sues convenience store, The TimesNews, February 4, 2011

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