Davidson County, North Carolina Wrongful Death: Mom of Teenager Struck by Paving Stone Files Lawsuit

April 23, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

Lisa Hill Chisom, the mom of a high school student who died from injuries she sustained when someone threw a paving stone through the windshield of the car she was in is suing a number people for North Carolina wrongful death. Shelby Chisom died last August. The 17-year-old was returning from a party when the incident happened. The stone lacerated her liver and Shelby died from her injuries.

Michael John Craver, who threw the stone, recently pleaded guilty second-degree murder. According to Chisom’s Davidson County, North Carolina wrongful death lawsuit, Michael threw the 25-pound paving stone after his cousin Ethan Craver told him to “take care of” that car.

Ethan Craver, Tyler Lawrence Price, Alyssa Christine Everhart, Krista Leigh Cummings, and a woman named Jordan Pierce allegedly had gotten into an altercation with Shelby, whom Price accused of stealing her boyfriend. All of them were attending the same party.

Tensions then carried over onto the road when someone in the car Everhart was driving threw a bottle of beer at the vehicle Hince was driving and that Shelby was riding. Hince then began following the other car at a fast speed. Ethan Craver, who was in the other car, then directed Michael to take action.

Chisom contends that Ethan knew of Michael’s history of violence and bullying and should have realized that when drunk, the latter would act with “reckless disregard.” She is seeking compensatory damages from Michael Craver, Ethan Craver, Price, Hince, Cummings, Everhart, Katherine C. Pritchard, and her son John Tyler Pritchard. She also wants punitive damages from Katherine Pritchard, both Cravers, and Hince. The Pritchards’ residence is where the party took place.

Chisom contends that Katherine Pritchard and her older son John Pritchard knew there would be minors drinking at the party that was held at their home and even bought alcohol. About 30-50 people attended the event where they were allegedly allowed to burn lawn furniture and use drugs.

North Carolina Wrongful Death
Losing someone you love is very difficult. It can be just as devastating to know that your loved one died because of other people’s reckless actions. You may be able to obtain Charlotte, North Carolina wrongful death damages from the responsible parties.

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