Two Newton, North Carolina High School Students Suspended Following Alleged Hazing Assault

December 22, 2011, by Michael A. DeMayo

Two Newton-Conover High School students were arrested last week after they were accused of assaulting a freshman while allegedly hazing him. All of the students involved belonged to the school’s wrestling team. Depending on what happened and the extent of the freshman’s injuries, he and his family could have grounds for a Catawba County, North Carolina personal injury case.

According to school superintended Barry Redmonds, the incident occurred last week. Team members were gathered in the practice room when someone turned out the lights while another team member put the freshman in a wrestling hold. That was when a third person allegedly assaulted him.

The student who held the freshman down claims and didn’t know that the assault was going to happen was suspended for three days. The other student who allegedly committed the assault was suspended for the rest of the semester and kicked off the wrestling team.


If your son or daughter was involved in a hazing incident at school, you may want to speak with an experienced Newton personal injury law firm to find out about your legal options.

Hazing is sometimes used as an initiation practice for new members joining a group. It is most often associated with joining a college fraternity or sorority. However, other groups have been known engage in hazing.

Although considered by many to be in good fun, hazing can take a dangerous turn if the person that is the target gets hurt. Alcohol poisoning, sexual assault, and physical assault are just some of the more dangerous consequences of hazing gone awry. Death may even result.

The practice of hazing has been widely written about in the media lately in the wake of the death of a Florida A & M University student. Robert Champion Jr., who belonged to the marching band, died last month after he was allegedly hazed. According to one expert who looked at Champion’s final autopsy report, which was released this week, the 26-year-old student had sustained the type of muscle damage that is commonly associated with child abuse, extensive seizures, car accidents, and torture.

It was just last week that the medical examiner’s office called Champion’s death a homicide. His family will likely file a wrongful death lawsuit against the school.

Following Champion’s death, Bria Hunter, another Florida A&M University student, is suing the school for personal injury because says she too was brutally hazed by members of the marching band. Hunter claims that she sustained a cracked femur from the beating.

North Carolina Personal Injury

Schools can be held liable if students are injured while under their supervision. It is the responsibility of school officials to make sure that activities that take place do not place anyone at risk of serious injury or death. To determine whether you have grounds for a Newton, North Carolina personal injury case, you should contact the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo, LLP today.

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