April 2012

Charlotte, North Carolina Personal Injury Law Firm Fights Underage Drinking and Driving with 10th Annual “Arrive Alive! Don’t Drink and Drive” Community Outreach Program at Area High Schools

April 27, 2012, by Michael A. DeMayo

For the 10th year in a row, the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo, LLP is proud to bring its “Arrive Alive! Don’t Drink and Drive” program to local high schools as part of its ongoing efforts to educate minors about the dangers of teen drinking and driving. Charlotte, North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney Michael A. DeMayo will be kicking off this year’s community outreach at West Iredell High School in Statesville at 9 a.m. on Monday, April 30. Later that day, he will speak at 2 p.m. at North Iredell High School in Olin. Other presentations will take place throughout the week. Please visit our web site to view our full schedule and a list of the schools where we will be presenting.

During the free, hour-long presentation, Mr. DeMayo will show photos of drunk driving crash scenes and share stories about teenagers that died or sustained catastrophic injuries because someone was driving drunk. Joining him this year as a guest speaker will be Karl Kakadelis, a 27-year-old who knows first hand about the devastating consequences that can happen from driving while under the influence.

Kakadelis was 19 when, after drinking a number of beers at his graduation party, he and his best friend got into his jeep to pick up another friend who was about a mile away. Kakadelis, who drove his vehicle off the road, overcorrected it, causing the jeep to flip. His best friend, who was ejected from the vehicle, died from his catastrophic injuries. Kakadelis will talk about what happened that night and how his life changed forever.

Our Charlotte, North Carolina car accident law firm is committed to helping teenagers become fully aware of the devastating consequences that can happen from driving drunk. We want them to realize that one bad decision can destroy lives.

Auto accidents continue to be the leading cause of teen deaths and drunk driving is one of the main reasons for these fatalities. Getting more teenagers to stop driving while under the influence inevitably saves lives.

In addition to our “Arrive Alive” program, every year we award 15 high school seniors scholarships of $2,500 each as part of our annual Michael A. DeMayo Scholarship Program. Recipients are selected from North Carolina and South Carolina applicants on the basis of their involvement with the community, SAT scores, grades, and original presentations created using their medium of choice  (essay, web site, PowerPoint, video, or brochure). The presentations are created to educate their fellow teens about why drinking and driving make a dangerous combination.

The Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo represents North Carolina personal injury clients in the areas of injury, nursing home abuse and neglect, workers’ compensation, wrongful death, and social security disability. We have law offices located in Charlotte, Monroe, Lumberton, and Hickory.

You can find out more about our “Arrive Alive” program by visiting the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo on the Internet or watch our TV commercial on YouTube.

Please  LIKE us on Facebook. Also, coming soon:  the “Arrive Alive” app that you will be able to download onto your iPhone or iPad.

DeMayo Law Offices to Present Tenth Annual “Arrive Alive” Program to Local High Schools, PRWeb, April 26. 2012

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Charlotte, North Carolina Train Accident Involving Vehicles at Crossing Gate Sends Seven to the Hospital

April 24, 2012, by Michael A. DeMayo

In Charlotte’s Southend, seven people were treated at hospitals after our the driver of a Jeep rear-ended a vehicle stopped at a crossing gate, causing the car to drive through the crossing arm and strike a Lynx light-train that was passing through. Police are trying to determine whether drunk driving was involved in causing the North Carolina car-train crash.

The injuries were not life-threatening, but four of the victims suffered serious injuries. The operator, who was among those transported, was not injured. The two vehicles involved suffered severe damage. Three of those who were hurt had been riding in the vehicles when the accident happened.

While North Carolina light-rail train accidents don’t happen very often in Charlotte, there have recently been incidents involving pedestrians. Last year, one woman who didn’t noticed the train coming suffered serious injuries when she was struck while walking across the rails at the Scaleybark Road station. Another man, who was wearing headphones, also didn’t hear the train approaching and he too was struck.

Our Charlotte, North Carolina train accident lawyers represent train passengers, pedestrians, and vehicle occupants injured in an accident with a train. Please call the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo, LLP today and ask for your free case evaluation.

According to an article published on VisualExpert.com, about 2400 deaths and serious injuries occur at train crossings each year. Sometimes the fault is that of a negligent train operator, who was distracted and failed to stop for a pedestrian or vehicle (that had the right of way at the time) or neglected to activate the appropriate signals to let others know the train was approaching. In other cases, the responsible party is a careless car driver or trucker, or a pedestrian who is busy texting, talking on a cell phone, listening to music, daydreaming.  or thinks that he/she can easily outrun an approaching train. The entity responsible for maintaining and supervising the trains and/or the crossing gate may also be at fault if the train malfunctioned or the crossing gate or signals failed.

Serious injuries can arise for everyone involved: the train passengers, the occupants of the vehicle, any pedestrians, or railroad workers on the tracks.  Also, vehicle passengers are at much higher risk of dying when colliding with a train than with another vehicle. Catastrophic injuries may also result, including spinal cord injuries, massive head injuries, traumatic brain injuries, crush injuries, and death.

Depending on what happened, there may be more than one party that you can/should pursue for financial recovery. The sooner you start working with an experienced Charlotte, North Carolina injury law firm, the sooner you can start building your case.

4 Seriously hurt in light-rail collision at Remount Road , Charlotte Observer, April 26, 2012

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North Carolina Dangerous Drug?: Acne Prescription Meds Linked to Eye Problems, Birth Defects, Bone Growth Delays, and Miscarriages

April 18, 2012, by Michael A. DeMayo

Isotretinoin, a drug sold under the brand names of Claravis, Roaccutaine (formerly called Accutane), and Amnesteem, is a popular prescription medication that is used to treat severe cases of acne. For example, since 1982, some 16 million people have taken Roaccutaine, which is made by Roche.

Unfortunately, this medication has also been linked to serious side effects. In a new study that was conducted in Israel, 14% of participants that took isotretinoin experienced eye conditions within a year of getting on the drug. Comparatively, only 7% of those belonging to the acne-free comparison group and 9.5% of participants with acne but who had never taken the medication experienced eye problems. The most common eye condition reported was pink eye (also called conjunctivitis),  which can be contagious.  Other potential eye-related side effects include visual disturbances and decreased vision at night.

The Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo, LLP represents children and adults injured because of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. If you believe that an injury or health issue was caused by a particular medication, contact our Charlotte, North Carolina dangerous drug law firm today.

Reuters quotes eye problem specialist and Oregon Health and Science University professor Dr. Rick Fraunfelder, who advises parents to take their kids to an ophthalmologist prior to allowing them to take Isotretinoin. He also recommends bringing them back to the eye doctor every 90 days during the first year of taking the medication.  Diagnosing any potential eye problems early can help prevent permanent side effects.

Tel Aviv University researcher Gabriel Chodick, who is one of the study’s authors, says that the likely reason for the increased risk of eye injury is that this acne medication can upset the eyelids’ meibomian glands function. These are the glands that generate oily substance that stop the eye from drying up. The drug itself may irritate the surface of the eye.

When questioned about the eye injury risk, Roche refused to comment on the study. However, a company spokesperson noted that these potential side effects are already listed on packaging labels as possible side effects.

Now just because a side effect is included on a drug label does this exempt a drug maker of liability? What if the risk is proving to be an actual risk than a possible one in that more, rather than less people seem to be developing the complication?  What about medical costs or permanent damage or other health issues that result, including complications and infection? What about the other losses and costs that may then arise? Did the drug manufacturer do enough to make sure that a drug was as safe as possible?

To schedule your free case evaluation, contact our Charlotte, North Carolina injury law firm today.

Acne drug tied to a doubled risk of eye problems, Reuters, April 18, 2012

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Fatal Union County, North Carolina Car Crash Involving Hit-and-Run Motorist Leaves Unanswered Questions

April 10, 2012, by Michael A. DeMayo

NC Highway Patrol Troopers have found the silver Lexus SUV that they believe was involved in Saturday’s deadly Union County pedestrian accident that claimed the life of 22-year-old Joshua Mitchell Crowley. They say that a relative of the alleged driver provided them with the tip that led to the vehicle, which is damaged on its right-front side.

Crowley had been walking home from a party when he was fatally hit by a silver motor vehicle. The driver did not stay at the Union County traffic accident site. As of now, people cannot tell whether this was a case of homicide or hit-and-run.

There had been a fight at the party that Crowley attended and troopers have not confirmed whether Crowley or the alleged driver was involved in that dispute.  Crowley may have been drinking at the party. He had walked 1.8 miles when the deadly Union County, North Carolina pedestrian accident happened. According to witnesses, after the collision, the driver of the Lexus briefly stopped to check the front of the vehicle before leaving the scene.

Hit-And-Run Accidents

For a driver to leave an injured pedestrian or motorist at a crash site after being involved in a deadly collision is a crime. It can also lead to more serious injuries or a fatality that could have been prevented if only the authorities and emergency workers had been notified right away that someone was hurt.

Providing someone who is hurt in a North Carolina car crash can be critical to saving his/her life. Unfortunately, there are drivers who choose not to stay at a collision site or get help because they are scared of getting in trouble.  Among the more common reasons that drivers hit and run:

  • Drunk driving
  • He/she is at fault
  • Driving without a license
  • Driving a stolen vehicle
  • Wanted for other crimes
  • Driving without insurance
  • Denial
  • Panic
  • Intentional infliction of physical harm

Our Union County, North Carolina personal injury law firm want you to know that even if you or your loved one was involved in a hit-and-run crash this doesn’t mean the driver won’t be found or that you can’t obtain coverage or compensation for the harm you or your relative suffered. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that there are legal remedies available to them. Also, lot of car accident victims worry that working with a North Carolina car accident lawyers will be too expensive. What they don’t realize is that their initial consultation is free, and legal fees are only paid if there is financial recovery with payment coming from the compensation.

Patrol: SUV found that hit, killed Union County man, Charlotte Observer, April 9, 2012

Why drivers hit and run, Deadly Roads


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North Carolina Motorcycle Accident on Charlotte Motor Speedway Kills 2, Injures 1

April 4, 2012, by Michael A. DeMayo

Police are still trying to determine what happened to cause a fatal North Carolina motorcycle accident to occur on the Charlotte Motor Speedway on Saturday. Over 60,000 people had gathered for the Veterans Homecoming Celebration when, about 30-minutes after the festivities ended, two bikes collided, killing 66-year-old Alan Mokus and 71-year-old Thomas Hollingworth. Both men were Vietnam veterans. Also injured in the collision was Mokus’s wife Deoborah, 56, who is still in the hospital recovering from a head injury and broken bones.

Concord, North Carolina police have said that the two motorcyclists were coming from opposite directions and going at about 50 mph when they were involved in a head-on crash. Alcohol may have been a factor in this Cabarrus County motorcycle accident but this has not yet been confirmed.

According to The Charlotte Observer, Speedway spokesperson Scott Cooper said that based on an initial review, it looks as if the proper safety procedures related to motorcycle procession exit and entry were implemented. Organizers are said to have worked hard to set up safety guidelines for riders, who were told to stay on the speedway’s apron and not go over 35mph. Over 2,000 motorcyclists are believed to have participated in the procession. Vendors that the speedway had contracted were selling beer at the event.

However, according to some witnesses, after the actual procession, a lot of riders went on the track and they were riding from both directions. One experienced motorcyclist, who didn’t see the Concord motorcycle accident but had participated in the event, is quoted in the Gainesvile Times as saying that there was dangerous activity going on throughout the day. He reported that some riders took unnecessary risks, including going along a steep, banked turn close to the speedway’s big high-definition television screen. He also said that there were times when it was hard to get through the two-way traffic along the speedway, which has unmarked lanes. Also, there were riders without helmets.

North Carolina Motorcycle Accidents

Our Charlotte, North Carolina motorcycle accident lawyers represent victims and their families injured in the state and in South Carolina. We are here to help our clients obtain financial compensation from the parties responsible for the harm that they suffered.

The liable party may be a negligent driver and/or another party. For instance, in this deadly collision, did the Charlotte Motor Speedway do enough to make sure that the riders would be safe? Was there adequate supervision? Were participants instructed on how to go through the speedway safely? Did supervision stop after the procession? Did anyone make sure that riders hadn’t been drinking especially as beer was being sold at the event? Also, were both motorcyclists at fault.

Alto Man Dies in NC Speedway Crash, Gainesville Times, April 3, 2012

Police: Motorcyclist had been drinking before speedway wreck, Charlotte Observer, April 4, 2012

Charlotte Motor Speedway

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