10th Annual “Arrive Alive: Don’t Drink and Drive” Program A Success with High School Students, Parents, and Teachers

May 8, 2012, by Michael A. DeMayo

Teens, teachers, and parents are raving about the “Arrive: Alive Don’t Drink and Drive” program that took place at a number of area high schools last week. Led by Charlotte, North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney Michael A. DeMayo, students received an education on the dangers of underage drinking and driving.

During the free, hour-long presentation, Mr. DeMayo showed students and faculty photographs from actual drunk driving crash scenes and told them about the catastrophic injuries and deaths that can happen when someone who is intoxicated decides to get in the driver’s seat. Accompanying him to the different schools was Karl Kakadelis, who was just 19 when he caused a drunk driving collision that claimed the life of his best friend. Students were moved as Kakadelis, now 27, talked about how that tragic night irrevocably changed more than one life.

There are no “do-overs” when a drunk driving accident happens and the consequences for everyone involved, including loved ones and friends, are very real. “Our goal is to prevent even one tragic accident from occurring,” said Charlotte, North Carolina Car Crash Lawyer DeMayo.

Our Charlotte, North Carolina Injury law firm is pleased to report that the message we set out to convey, that drunk driving is dangerous and can cause real life, tragic consequences, was acknowledged and received by program attendees and their parents:

“I want to thank (Mr. DeMayo) for trying to change people and turn their hearts before they break them. Like I said, I cannot thank you all enough for coming to my school and talking about this, because it moved me, and that is a life saved. God Bless.” — Jackie Davis

“Your presentation was very powerful. I feel like it really made our students think about making good decisions.  Thank you for what you do for our youth and keep up the good work.” — Dallas Hicks, School Resource Officer, West Iredell High School

“I wanted to tell Mr. DeMayo how much I appreciate his time in coming to North Iredell High School in Olin, NC to speak to the Junior and Seniors about the consequences of drinking on Prom Night. His speech had a huge impact on the students. My daughter is still talking about it. I just wanted to say Thank You!” –Kelly Parks


Schools that the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo’s “Arrive Alive” program visited this year included West Iredell High School, North Iredell High School, Porter Ridge High School, Forest Hills High School, Independence High School, Butler High School, Lake Norman High School, and East Gaston High School.

In addition to the “Arrive Alive” program, our Charlotte, NC injury law firm has been active in other ways to make sure that teens know about the perils of underage drinking and driving. For the 9th straight year, The Michael A. DeMayo Scholarship Program awarded $2,500 college scholarships to high school students. The winners were chosen based on their winning presentations warning their peers against drunk driving, as well as their grades and community service. To find out who the 2012 15 scholarship winners are, go to this blog post for details.

Teens, parents, and guardians can take the “Arrive Alive” pledge by downloading an App, now available via iTunes and Android.  Please visit us on Facebook to LIKE our page and download the App.

Watch this PSA from our Charlotte, North Carolina Personal Injury Law Firm: “There are No Extra Lives when You Drink & Drive.”

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