7-Year-Old Claims Charlotte, North Carolina Dog Bite Attack Was Instigated by American Bully Terrier Owner’s Son

May 15, 2012, by Michael A. DeMayo

There are conflicting reports as to what caused an 80-pound American Bully terrier to attack a 7-year-old boy. While the victim, Malik Albright, claims the Charlotte, North Carolina dog attack occurred because another 7-year-old, Elijah Howzer, told his dog, named “DK,” to attack, Howzer’s family is disputing the allegations.

They contend that Albright jumped over the fence into their yard and that is when DK started pursuing him. Albright sustained injuries to the ear, face, and leg from the incident.

In North Carolina, Charlotte, dog bite lawyer Michael A. DeMayo represents children and adults injured in animal attacks. Because the state’s personal injury laws involve contributory negligence, if a victim contributed to his/her injuries, he/she cannot recover any compensation. This is just one of the many reasons why it is important to consult with someone like North Carolina injury attorney DeMayo right away.

Dog bite injuries can be extremely severe, and the physical and emotional injuries may take their toll. Some dog bites can be so vicious that the victim may have to undergo numerous surgeries, including cosmetic surgery, and he/she may still be left disfigured.

Charlotte, NC personal injury lawyer Michael A. DeMayo is familiar with the steps involved in filing your dog bite claim and he knows what needs to be done prove that you are owed financial recovery by a negligent dog owner, premise owner, or any other responsible party. Attorney DeMayo has helped North Carolina dog bite victims recover compensation for medical bills, future medical expenses, permanent disability, lost income, permanent disfigurement and scarring, loss of enjoyment of life, and wrongful death.

To give you one recent example of a Charlotte dog bite attack that left a child with injuries so severe that he needed a lot more than a visit to the doctor to heal, 6-year-old Jakob Clark was in the hospital more than 35 days after a pit bull attacked him in December 2010. His legs and arms were so badly damaged that doctors didn’t know whether he would be able to walk again. Jakob was put on a ventilator and had to undergo over a dozen surgeries. He also has needed extensive physical therapy.

Sometimes, a person’s injuries are so severe that future as well as current costs have to be assessed and factored in as part of your financial recovery. By working with someone like Charlotte, North Carolina dog attack attorney Michael A. DeMayo, you have someone who has the legal experience and skills to represent you.

 Dog Bites Happen More Often in the Summer, Says Study

According to some researchers, with summer fast approaching, the risk of young kids being bitten by a dog goes up. Per their study, published in Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery in 2009, they think this may be because many kids that are out of school tend to spend more time outdoors where they are more likely to encounter dogs.  Also, some dogs tend to become more irritable when the weather is hotter.

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