Another DePuy Hip Lawsuit Filed by Patient Who Says He Needs Second Surgery

May 25, 2012, by Michael A. DeMayo

In the last couple of years, DePuy Orthopedics has been in the headlines over its hip implant devices. It was during the latter half of 2010 that the Johnson & Johnson company announced that it was recalling its ASR Al Acetabular Hip Replacement and its ASR Hip Resurfacing Systems, which were implanted in about 93,000 patients, because the devices appeared to be at risk of failing. Since then, Charlotte, North Carolina DePuy ASR lawyer Michael A. DeMayo has been providing free case evaluations to individuals seeking to explore their legal options over complications that may have been caused by their DePuy device.

Hip replacement surgery can take a toll on a person’s health and well-being even when it goes well. For a patient to fare even worse because a hip implant failed or was defective to begin with is unacceptable. For example, in one recent case that was filed just this month, the plaintiff, Larry Vanyi, is seeking damages for alleged complications that have resulted in him having to undergo a revision procedure. Vanyi, who was implanted with DePuy’s Pinnacle hip replacement product, is suing not just DePuy Orthopedics, but also, he is pursuing damages from the implant device’s designer, Dr. Thomas Schmalzreid. (Although this Pinnacle implant hasn’t been recalled, it is similar to the DePuy hip implants that were recalled and there have been calls from some medical experts to also take it off the market).

Vanyi is not the only hip implant patient to go after DePuy.  Thousands of plaintiffs have been making their claims to seek recovery for injuries and complications from their metal-on-metal hip replacement device. In North Carolina, please contact the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo LLP and find out if Charlotte injury lawyer DeMayo can help you.

Aside from a patient having to undergo replacement/revision surgery (within five years) again so soon after the initial implant procedure, there also have been reports of the device’s metal particles scattering in the body, potentially upping the risk of soft tissue damage or necrosis. Elevated chromium and cobalt levels may even result, as was allegedly experienced by another plaintiff, who has said that she has needed revision surgery because of her Bi-Lateral DePuy ASR hip implant.

In the Carolinas, getting financial recovery from a negligent manufacturer is part of North Carolina products liability attorney DeMayo’s job and one that he takes very seriously. Mr. DeMayo is not afraid to go after big corporations and litigate against them in court if necessary.

Signs you may be potentially suffering from hip implant failure or related complications:

  • Extreme pain when walking or having to bear weight
  • Swelling
  • Loss of mobility or flexibility
  • Severe pain in the implant area, potentially even extending to the back or groin

Charlotte, North Carolina Injury Lawyer Michael A. DeMayo is rated AV Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell and in the last two years, the American Association of Trial Lawyers has chosen him as one of the 100 leading trial lawyers.  Mr. DeMayo and his law firm have either tried or settled more than 35,000 cases in the past two decades.

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