Attorney Michael A. DeMayo Makes Arrive Alive® App Available via iTunes

May 21, 2012, by Michael A. DeMayo

Michael A. DeMayo is pretty excited about the new iTunes app developed for his firm’s signature community service program, Arrive Alive – Don’t Drink and Drive. This passionate Charlotte attorney has been presenting his anti-drunk driving initiative to local area high schools for the past ten years.

The Arrive Alive® program aims to educate and enlighten high school kids about the dangers of teenage drinking and driving.  At the end of these powerful one hour presentations, students in attendance are asked to sign a pledge that they will not drive under the influence. The pledge also has wording that refers to keeping friends and family safe by trying to find them alternate means of transportation if they are intoxicated.

Although Michael A. DeMayo has personally made around 100 presentations at more than fifty different area high schools, due to the demands of his legal practice the amount of teens he can reach is limited.  But now, via the popularity of Facebook and iTunes, he is hoping that teens nationwide will make the same pledge.

DeMayo plans to also post information and videos, so that even teens who have not attended one of his presentations in person can reap the benefits.

Follow this link to download the free Arrive Alive – Don’t Drink and Drive App.

The Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo are calling for people to get involved by downloading the free app and adding a comment that might inspire teens and young adults to take a closer look at this issue. If you have been at any Arrive Alive presentations, your comments would be most welcome, along with any ratings or reviews of the app itself. And if iTunes isn’t your thing, you can also sign the pledge on our website.

The app was designed to be interactive, so that you can share your personal story or add any comments. Teens are very involved in social media, so the app is a perfect way to allow them to connect on this vital topic. Posts about the Arrive Alive® initiative and the new app have also been added to the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo Facebook page, for those who prefer to get involved in that way.

Michael A. DeMayo has been involved in the fight against teenage drunk driving for many years, after seeing so many clients whose lives have been shattered by this plague. Please join us in this vital endeavor – please encourage our kids not to drink and drive!

And although the Arrive Alive® program and the pledge were originally designed for teens, anyone of any age could sign it. After all, the problem of driving under the influence is hardly limited to teens. This is an issue that affects us all.


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