North Carolina High School Students Take the “Arrive Alive” Pledge to Join the Fight Against Underage Drinking and Drunk Driving

May 1, 2012, by Michael A. DeMayo

The Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo, LLP kicked off the first day of its 10th annual “Arrive Alive! Don’t Drink and Drive” program with two presentations at local high schools. At West Iredell High School and North Iredell High School students made the commitment to not drink and drive.

During the presentations, Charlotte, North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney DeMayo spoke to the teenagers about the dangers of drunk driving. He talked about real incidents involving teenagers that died, sustained serious injuries, or hurt someone else because either they or someone else had been driving under the influence. “If we can just save one of you sitting here today from making the wrong decision, then our efforts will be worth it,” said Mr. DeMayo.

Joining him was Karl Kakadelis, who as a teenager was involved in the drunken driving crash that claimed the life of his best friend. Kakadelis has since become an advocate in the fight against underage drinking and driving. Yesterday, he spoke about that night and how it has impacted his life.

Following the presentation, a faculty member at West Iredell High School called the event “very powerful” and said “I feel like it really made our students think about making good decisions.  Thank you for what you do for our youth.”

Our Charlotte, North Carolina personal injury law firm is very pleased that our message was heard loud and clear by both teenagers and adults. We are inviting the students to take the “Arrive Alive” pledge, which is a promise to never drive under the influence of alcohol and, when necessary, ride with a designated driver or find other means of transportation. We also invited their parents and guardians to take the pledge to talk to them about the dangers of drunk driving and how to make safe decisions.

All of the students who take the pledge will have their names entered in a drawing. A girl and a boy from each participating school will be eligible to win a $100 Visa gift card.

Students can take the “Arrive Alive” pledge by visiting the Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo online or going to our Facebook page where you can LIKE us and download our free “Arrive Alive” mobile app.

Our “Arrive Alive” program continues on Wednesday, May 2 at Independence High School at 9am in Charlotte and Butler High School at 1pm in Matthews.

“Arrive Alive” is one of our signature community service programs. Along with the annual Michael A. DeMayo Scholarship Program, which awards college scholarships to 15 high school seniors in North Carolina and South Carolina, our Charlotte, personal injury law firm is dedicated to educating teens about the dangers of drunk driving.


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