A Longer-Term View of Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery

June 4, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

Recovering from a traumatic brain injury in Charlotte or anywhere can be a grueling ordeal, and you may find yourself beset by medical setbacks, emotional problems, and financial peril.

In the hours and days following a concussion or other event, everything is very “touch and go.” Hopefully, you have already been to a physician or emergency medical technician to talk about your needs and get a good plan of care. If not, stop reading this article and go do that at once!

If so, you will want to monitor your mental state, physical state, and behavior and be in close contact with friends and relatives who can take care of you and help you fulfill your duties, while you rest.

Of course, when you and your support team get mired in the details of this care, you may get overly short-term focused. You need to concentrate on healing and preventing further damage.

But you also want to keep at least some attention on the long-term horizon.
Why? Because right now–some of you are in the very early stages after TBI–the legal processes that you do or do not put in place can have ramifications that can affect you for years or decades.

For instance, if a doctor sees you right away and treats you with an effective TBI drug that normalizes glucose absorption in the brain or reduces edema or swelling, you can potentially ward off long-term brain damage. The difference between getting this treatment and not getting it is profound, especially when you extrapolate over the long term.

Likewise, the efforts that you make (or your friends and family make) right now regarding your legal case can also have epic ramifications.

If you’re able to collect evidence right now (before such evidence gets lost or destroyed), you may be able to build a more compelling case to get compensated, and that could mean the difference between no settlement and a six-figure settlement that pays you in perpetuity for the rest of your life.

Connect with the DeMayo Law team now, so that we can help you focus on the long-term legal “stuff” and allow you to rest and recover with full peace of mind.


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