Don’t Fall Victim to Carelessness

July 13, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

Things to remember if you ever fall on someone’s property…

If you were injured while on another person’s premises there are a few things that an attorney will want to know about how the accident happened. After a fall or other incident, you may be severely injured and need medical treatment, but there are several factors that will be important to a case if you don’t want to be left on the hook for your medical bills. In the Carolinas like many other states, a person who owns the premises has a responsibility to warn you of dangers that the owner knows about on the property. This includes any dangers that the property owner may not know about but still should have known about that a person visiting the property may not have discovered on his own without such a warning. The date, time and location of the accident are the most obvious things to remember and could likely be discovered later if you forget those.

The less obvious things to remember are how the accident happened. This may include your movement. Were you walking, running, skipping or hopping? Were you texting, talking to a friend, or reading a billboard while you were walking? Is this a place you visit often? These factors may be crucial because it helps determine, if you in any way were partly responsible for the accident that caused your injuries. Also, it is important to remember with particularity, the reason for the accident. Did you slip on a water puddle? Did your leg get caught in the elevator door? Did you slip on a banana peel?

Additionally, take a mental note of how that dangerous condition got there and if possible, how long had that dangerous condition been there? For example, a banana peel that is brown and spotty may indicate that the banana peel has been there a while, and a property owner knew or should have known it was there. On the other hand, if there is a brown spotty banana peel, on the ground, it should be obvious to someone on another person’s property. Instead of old fruit, maybe you slipped on a water puddle. Was it raining outside? Was water being tracked into the area where you fell, similar to how it would any other day it rained?

Finally, were there signs up in the area to indicate to you there was a dangerous area? Pooling liquid under the drink machine at a fast food joint? Was the sign big enough? Instead of putting the sign out, was it a slow time of day for the restaurant, and someone could have just as easily wiped up the dangerous condition?

These are all important things to remember about an accident in your hurt. When you speak with an attorney after the accident, these will be factors that may be important in holding the property owner responsible for your injuries.

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