More Training for More Truckers

July 3, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

I heard something on the news the other day that got me thinking. There is a training program in North Carolina that works with CDL hopefuls to ensure that they have been trained as much as reasonably possible prior to letting ‘em loose on the roads.

An additional piece of good news that came with this is that there will be several new jobs in North Carolina.  The working conditions for truckers have been regulated somewhat such as a maximum amount of mileage or hours per week. Regulations like this one are most likely to protect the truckers and other drivers on the road.  Of course, things can always happen. 

If you have been injured by an auto accident in North Carolina that involved a tractor trailer you need to find out what your rights are.  The additional training and regulation are likely justified for the benefit of the public’s safety and when accidents occur that involve tractor trailers you can bet there are going to be more parties involved than if the accident just involved standard vehicles.

If this has happened to you, contact our office today to see what your options may be.  We can give you a free case evaluation and likely open your eyes to some concerns you haven’t even considered.  Our number is 877-333-1000 and our website has a place for you to get Charlotte legal resources.


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