Good Samaritan Not Always Good

August 11, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

At the end of July a young girl was electrocuted in Lexington while practicing for swim club. The power line that fell near the pool shocked the girl and unfortunately, the girl passed away as a result.

The heroic efforts of lifeguards were noted by witnesses who say the lifeguards continued to get shocked as they try to pull the girl from the water. The efforts, although incredible and selfless, may have created a worse situation than the one before them.
These efforts could have made the problem worse by having additional people for emergency responders to treat rather than just one. While it may be challenging to stand idly by doing nothing, if getting involved in a dangerous situation would likely aggravate the situation standing by may be the only thing to do.

This can be difficult sometimes because inherent in our nature as humans is a desire to help others out. While you want to help others, you also have a duty to protect yourself from dangerous situations that should not be ignored. These situations are so tragic and often occur without any justification. This and similar situations often create personal injury in North Carolina and as always the less the better.

If you believe something like this has happened to you as a result of your inherent desire to help others give us a call or check out our website at for a free case evaluation today.


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