Surprise Surprise—A Two Liter of Soda per Day is Dangerous?!

August 21, 2013, by Michael A. DeMayo

Well—hold the phones. A European Health watch group recently spent thousands if not more on a study that produced some shocking conclusions. As it turns out, drinking a two liter of soda per day can cause irregular heartbeats and fainting. I know! I know! Do try to remain calm. It happens all the time that we learn the things we enjoy can be dangerous for us.

Of course, my biggest confusion with all of this is the money and time spent on this study. Wouldn’t a simple Internet search produce the same scientific research with astonishingly similar results? As it turns out, the study came in response to a woman who drank a two liter every day for sixteen years. Who has that kind of dedication these days?

Well, the love affair with soda came to a close after the woman was hospitalized for the heart problems. The fact that it’s soda makes it very difficult for me to empathize with her; however, it is too often a reality that people become ill as a result of ingesting something dangerous for them—but didn’t have knowledge of those dangers. This is often the case with new medicines that hit the market. The Food and Drug Administration pushes it through and approves it, then pharmaceutical sales reps incentivize doctors to prescribe it to you—the consumer. This otherwise functioning capitalist market approach fails and you the consumer are the most injured.

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